Marie-Christine Pavone at work

Pavone jewels are brooches, earrings, bangles and necklaces made in Paris using ancient techniques specific to the artisanal work of galalith, Bakelite and Lucite. Galalith is the most used material in the creation of Pavone jewellery. The galalith is composed from the casein of the milk hence its name, “Gala” (Milk) and Lithos (stone). Discovered at the end of the 19th century, it is the ancestor of plastic materials. The work of galalith is similar to woodworking for cutting and sanding but also requires different polishing phases to give it a shiny and silky appearance. The galalith present the immense interest of being coloured in an infinite palette of bright or soft, light or dark hues. Each jewel is entirely handmade and requires up to three weeks of work for its realization. The creation of Pavone jewellery began more than twenty years ago, with trends and styles mixing the old and the contemporary. The jewels described as “special issue” on these pages are the illustration and resemble the “vintage” jewellery of the years 80-90.

Jewellery-blanket or blanket-jewellery?

These jewels-blanket, funny and cuddly, with the colors of treats come to caress our child’s soul. You may also be seduced by all these animals filled with poetry, tenderness and humour.
The galalith, this rare and natural material that composes them, gives them shimmering colours, a shiny appearance and a silky texture.
Each brooch, each pair of earrings, each bracelet and each necklace is made entirely by hand. All the jewels are signed and have a name, which makes it a unique jewel, rare, which can bring a very personal and original touch to your outfit.

Marie-Christine works precisely